The value of the right moment

An investment decision is always a choice – between a good and a seemingly good opportunity, between the price and value of an investment, and between passing trends and sustainable business models. Making the right choice requires years of experience, sound knowledge, an ongoing willingness to learn, substantial resources and a process that brings together all of the above. What is also essential is an intuition for that spots the right moments, as they are rare and elusive.

The significance of Olympus today

In Greek mythology, Caerus (or: Kairos) is the youngest son of Zeus. The ancient Greek poet Poseidippos of Pella offers the following description of his attributes in a third century BC epigram:

He stands on tip-toes, for he is ever running.
He has a pair of wings on his feet for he flies with the wind.
He holds a razor in his hand as a sign to men that he is sharper than any sharp edge.
His hair hangs over his face for anyone who meets him to take him by the forelock.
The back of his head is bald because none whom he has once passed by on his winged feet will now, though he might wish it, take hold of him from behind.

Caerus personifies the right course of action at the right moment, which is one of the decisive skills for sound investment decisions. The markets are  similar to the world we live in –  globalised, fast-moving and often unpredictable. To be successful, it is essential to be attentive and creative in making choices that are sustainable in the long term, within the world of investment opportunities.