Long-term investments

Our investment philosophy is based on the value approach. When selecting securities, we not only take into account the solidity and profitability of the respective company, but also the price we pay for the initial investment. We buy at favourable prices and often hold securities over long periods of time, until the market reflects their fair value. Our approach is that of ownership, not of speculation.

Looking back on our many years of experience, we are not limited to certain asset classes and are able to find value in niche markets.  Additionally, we  have the patience   needed to profit from irregular market phases.

Our investments are neither rash or overly expensive,  avoiding losses difficult to make up . This,  ensures a high level of stability in the portfolios’ performance.

We invest because we understand

Each and every client bears  their own history and vision of the future. We take the time to develop an investment strategy tailored to each customer’s individual needs. Economic independence and our neutrality towards banks and other market participants ensure decisions are made in the best interest of our clients. Loyalty and discretion are essential to all our dealings.

Intellectual independence and the proper handling of information and analyses enable us to distinguish between a real trend and a fad. We develop our own view of the markets to discern good opportunities from the less favourable.

Our emloyees are all  highly qualified and boast a wealth of experience, as experience must always go hand in hand with an intellectual grasp of the conceptual. Or, as Immanuel Kant so poignantly put it: “Thoughts without content are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind.”

We respect values

Eyb & Wallwitz adheres to the Principles for Responsible Investment. Initiated by the UN, this global initiative is dedicated to an ethical attitude regarding the six fundamental principles for investment decisions.

In compliance with the Principles, we exclude investments in agricultural derivatives, companies with clearly unethical business models or government bonds of countries with corrupt practices. Although we will not be able to make the world a better place, we see the adherence to ethical and environmental minimum standards as a natural part of our business activities.