Independent and owner-managed

Eyb & Wallwitz is an approved asset manager in Germany

Central focus

In 2004, Giselher von Eyb and Dr. Georg von Wallwitz founded Eyb & Wallwitz GmbH, headquartered in Munich. Their central focus was to manage private and institutional assets – without dependence on banks, with transparency, and by being bound only to the client.

Institutional backdrop

Our portfolio managers have interdisciplinary backgrounds with an institutional bent. They have over 20 years of capital-markets experience and have all successfully managed equity, bonds, and mixed funds at a number of renowned capital management companies..


Eyb & Wallwitz is independent and managed by Dr. Georg von Wallwitz, the founder; Dr. Ernst Konrad, the lead portfolio manager; and Dr. Oliver Liebig, the CFO and COO..

Efficient structure

Today, most of our assets are managed through our mutual funds – Phaidros Funds – and other special fund mandates.