Independent and owner-managed

Eyb & Wallwitz is an authorized asset manager in Germany.

Key objective

In 2004, Giselher Freiherr von Eyb and Dr. Georg Graf von Wallwitz founded Eyb & Wallwitz GmbH based in Munich. The key objective of the two founders was to be independent of banks, transparent and client oriented to manage private and institutional assets.

Institutional background

Our portfolio managers have an institutional and multidisciplinary background. With more than 20 years of capital market experience each, they have successfully managed equity, bonds and multi asset funds at various renowned fund management companies.


Independent and owner-managed, our company is owned by the two managing directors Dr. Georg von Wallwitz and Dr. Ernst Konrad, the portfolio manager Andreas Zöllner and the head of distribution Eduardo Mollo Cunha.

Efficient structure

The majority of our assets are managed these days through scalable instruments such as our mutual funds (Phaidros Funds) and other special fund mandates.