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Active management strategies: Mutual funds or investment mandates

Mutual funds

Phaidros Funds is a mutual fund umbrella that comprises four sub-funds. They reflect our active management strategies in different forms:

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Investment management for private clients

The personal contact is the beginning of a trusting cooperation with us. Your individual requirements and wishes form the starting point from which we jointly determine your risk profile and the investment strategy for your assets. The implementation of the individually tailored portfolio is suitable for larger assets from five million euros on and is carried out via a custody bank account that we manage separately.

With an investment volume of less than five million euros, we are happy to assist you in the acquisition of our wealth-managing mutual funds.

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Mandates for institutional investors and family offices

Our investment and special fund mandates services for institutional investors are primarily aimed at family offices, pension funds, foundations and church organizations as well as other financial service and industrial companies. In accordance with your specific requirements and framework conditions, we manage your assets precisely for your specific objectives and ensure that the defined investment strategy is implemented in a disciplined manner.

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Are you a private investor and want to invest in our mutual fund strategies directly online?

Alternatively, you can invest in our mutual fund strategies directly online, securely and with neither trading nor comission fees. You will track its progress with our seamless desktop-mobile integration. Just a few clicks away by using