Asset management strategies: mutual funds or investment mandates

Mutual funds

The Phaidros Funds is a registered mutual fund umbrella comprised of four sub-funds. They reflect the various facets of our investment strategies.

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Individual asset management for retail investors

In our view, speaking personally with one another is how any good business relationship starts. After learning what your wants and needs are, we will work together to formulate a risk profile for you and an investment strategy for your assets. Designing a portfolio individually tailored to you and your situation makes sense for high-worth assets beginning at three Million Euro and will be executed via a custodian bank account separately managed by us.

If you are looking to invest less than three million Euro, we would be glad to help you invest in our mutual funds which are designed to help you manage your wealth.

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Individual mandates

Our individual asset management and special fund mandate services for institutional investors are intended primarily for family offices, pension funds, foundations, and religious organizations, on the one hand, and other financial service providers and industrial enterprises, on the other. We’ll manage your assets in keeping with your specific needs and the overarching conditions specified by you in order to achieve exactly what you set out to achieve. And we will ensure that the investment strategy is implemented both as defined and with discipline – be it in the form of a special fund or other asset management mandates.

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Are you a retail investor and looking to invest in our mutual fund strategies without the middleman?

Alternatively, you can invest in our mutual fund strategies directly online, securely and without trading or commission fees. With our seamless desktop-mobile integration, you can keep track of your investment wherever you are.

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