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Eyb & Wallwitz Vermögensmanagement GmbH is one of the largest investment management companies operating independently of banks in Germanspeaking countries and focused exclusively on the management of liquid investments. Executive responsibility for the company is borne by both member-fund managers Dr. Georg von Wallwitz and Dr. Ernst Konrad.

The portfolio managers at Eyb & Wallwitz have an institutional and multidisciplinary background. Our fund managers possess more than twenty years of experience on the capital markets and have successfully managed stock, bonds, and Multi Asset funds for various renowned capital management companies.

In tandem with the classic private-client asset management, our institutional clients primarily include family offices, pension funds, foundations, and other financial services companies.


In 2004, Giselher von Eyb and Dr. Georg von Wallwitz founded the asset management company Eyb & Wallwitz, with its seat in Munich. A primary concern of both founders was the management of private and institutional assets in a manner that is transparent, independent of banks, and obligated solely to the client.

Today, a large part of the assets for which Eyb & Wallwitz holds responsibility is controlled through our three Phaidros Funds. In 2015, the company opened up an additional office in Frankfurt am Main, which focuses primarily on institutional sales.


Eyb & Wallwitz – Intelligent investing