What we seek

Our objective is to safeguard and to increase our clients’ capital over the long term. To this end, every asset holder brings along his or her own history and vision for the future. We take the time to develop a precisely customized investment strategy together with you. Economic independence from the banks, coupled with neutrality, ensure client-oriented decisions. Loyalty and discretion are fundamental cornerstones in our dealings with our clients.

Intelligent investing

Intellectual independence and correctly dealing with information enable us to discern the difference between trends and fashions. We work on acquiring an independent picture of the markets, in order to be able to distinguish good opportunities from less optimal ones.

We highly value our employees having the best qualifications possible, for experience has to be complemented by an intellectual understanding that can place matters in a conceptual framework. Or, as Immanuel Kant succinctly encapsulated it: “Thoughts without content are empty; intuitions without concepts are blind.”

Long-term investments

Our investment philosophy is based on the value approach. When selecting securities, we not only take into account the solidity and profitability of the respective company, but also the price we pay for the initial investment. Our approach is that of ownership, not of speculation.

Looking back on our many years of experience, we are not limited to certain asset classes and are able to find value in niche markets. Additionally, we have the patience needed to profit from irregular market phases.

Our investments are neither rash or overly expensive, avoiding losses difficult to make up . This, ensures a high level of stability in the portfolios’ performance.

Responsible investment

The United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) are in essence a set of global best practices for responsible investment. They reflect the view that environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues increasingly affect the performance of investment portfolios.

We signed the PRI in 2013. We thus take into account the particular importance of sustainability for our financial investments. We are convinced that companies that adopt strategic approaches to dealing with ESG issues in future will enjoy competitive advantages in global markets and will outperform in the long term. By implementing PRI in our sustainable investment approach, we want to drive forward sustainable business practices actively and transparently, while encouraging other market participants to do the same.


Eyb & Wallwitz – Intelligent investing