Individual asset management for private clients – independent and customized for your needs

To us, a personal conversation marks the start of a collaboration based on mutual trust. Our clients’ individual requirements and wishes provide the starting point for us to jointly develop an investment strategy tailored to their assets and risk profile. The portfolio individually customized for your needs is implemented through a segregated account.

Individual asset management for institutional clients – stable and efficient

Our individual services for institutional investors are oriented above all towards family officers, pension funds, foundations, and ecclesiastic organizations, as well as other financial services and industrial companies. In accordance with your specific requirements and framework conditions, we manage your assets in a manner precisely customized for your specifically set objectives, ensuring a price-efficient and disciplined implementation of the investment strategy established, in the form of special funds or other asset management mandates.

Phaidros Funds – transparent and robust

Phaidros Funds is a sales-licensed UCITS V umbrella fund (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities V) which in the meantime encompasses three mutual funds. Our flagship, Phaidros Funds Balanced, is a multi-asset fund having a weighed out risk profile and a stable performance, even in difficult times. The Phaidros Funds Conservative has comparatively more conservative characteristics, with a lower volatility. Moreover, the newest member is Phaidros Funds Fallen Angels, which, as a pure bond fund, actively represents a specific segment in the bond universe.


Eyb & Wallwitz – Intelligent investing