Legal Notice

Legal Notice

Eyb & Wallwitz Vermögensmanagement GmbH continuously checks that its website is up to date. Despite all care, the information may have changed in the meantime. No liability or guarantee can be assumed for the topicality, correctness and completeness of the information provided. The same applies to the content of websites to which reference is made via hyperlink.

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Complaint management

It is very important to us to offer you a comprehensive and high quality service at all times. If you are not satisfied and have cause for complaint, please contact us immediately. You can contact us with a complaint in various ways:

By Letter:

Eyb & Wallwitz Vermögensmanagement GmbH
Beschwerdemanagement (Complaint management)
Maximilianstr. 21
80539 Munich / Germany

Via E-Mail:


In addition, you can of course always contact your personal advisor, the processing and clarification of course remain free of charge for you. In order to be able to process your request promptly and specifically, we ask for the following information:

  • Your name and contact details
  • the time of the complaint
  • a precise description of your request

We will process your complaint as soon as possible and send you an acknowledgment of receipt immediately. As a rule, a complaint should be processed within 10 working days. If, due to the complexity of the matter, it becomes apparent that the processing process will take a long time, you will receive an interim report by letter or email, with which we will inform you when you can expect a solution. We will provide you with the details and the result of our investigation in a final reply letter.

Eyb & Wallwitz Vermögensmanagement GmbH is a member of the Association of Independent Wealth Managers Germany (VuV), which has set up an arbitration board to settle disputes. Disputes between consumers and members of the VuV in connection with financial services transactions can be settled in an extrajudicial arbitration procedure before the VuV arbitration board. The rules of procedure of the VuV ombudsman regulate further details.

The address of the arbitration board is:

Stresemannallee 30
60596 Frankfurt / Geermany

Further information on the VuV arbitration board office (including communication data, rules of procedure, application form) is available at http://vuv-ombudsstelle.de

Structure of remuneration systems

The compensation policy of Eyb & Wallwitz Vermögensmanagement GmbH applies to all employees and to the management. It is determined by the management. An appropriate remuneration system has been set up to ensure that customer interests are not compromised in the short, medium and long term by the remuneration of relevant people. Guaranteed variable remuneration is not granted. If the operating result is negative, no variable remuneration is paid.

1. Management

The remuneration of the members of the management of Eyb & Wallwitz Vermögensmanagement GmbH is determined by the general meeting. It ensures that the remuneration is commensurate with the tasks and performance of the managing directors and with the situation of the company and that it does not exceed the usual remuneration without special reasons. The determination of the remuneration is documented by contractual regulations or resolutions.

The remuneration of the managing directors consists of a fixed remuneration in the form of 12 monthly salaries and a variable remuneration. Depending on the contractual arrangement, the variable remuneration is granted as a share of the company result or according to individual determination based on the company's success and the individual performance of the managing directors. The variable remuneration is paid once a year.

2. Employees

Eyb & Wallwitz Vermögensmanagement GmbH has a uniform, transparent remuneration system that is aimed at achieving the corporate goals in the business and risk strategy. The remuneration of employees consists of a fixed basic salary (12 or 13 monthly salaries) and a variable salary Compensation. The amount of the variable remuneration depends on the company's success and the individual performance of the employee. The individual performance of the employee is assessed on the basis of the turnover that the account manager makes with their customers, or the fund manager earns through performance-related remuneration. The variable remuneration is generally paid out once a year.

3. Total amount of all remuneration and number of beneficiaries

The total amount of the remuneration, including social security contributions, of all managing directors and employees of Eyb & Wallwitz Vermögensmanagement GmbH for the calendar year 2018 is EUR 1,220 thousand as fixed remuneration and EUR 868 thousand as variable remuneration. The number of beneficiaries (including the managing director) of the variable remuneration for the calendar year 2018 there are 12 people at Eyb & Wallwitz Vermögensmanagement GmbH.

Execution quality according to MIFID II in the financial portfolio management for 2018

As a financial service provider, Eyb & Wallwitz Vermögensmanagement GmbH is obliged to publish the execution quality of orders in financial instruments annually in accordance with the legal requirements. The five most important trading venues are to be evaluated and published here. Eyb & Wallwitz Vermögensmanagement GmbH had no direct access to the execution venues, but forwarded the orders to the custodian banks.

Eyb & Wallwitz Vermögensmanagement GmbH fulfilled its best execution obligation by carefully selecting and monitoring the custodian banks in order to achieve the best possible result for the customers. Thus, the execution principles of the custodian banks basically applied to the execution of trading orders.

Selection process

The banks' selection procedures were based on the following criteria:

  • The amount of the transaction costs
  • the speed of execution
  • the likelihood of execution and its quality
  • the quality and security of processing, depending on the type and scope of the order and the market situation

The costs of the execution are only one of these criteria, since it is in the company philosophy of Eyb & Wallwitz Vermögensmanagement GmbH not to act much.

Conflicts of interest

There were no conflicts of interest, close ties and shared ownership of the custodian banks or execution venues Customer.

Analyze the execution quality

Eyb & Wallwitz Vermögensmanagement GmbH checked the quality of the execution price with the market data.The calculated costs of the custodian banks were checked by spot checks.

Eyb & Wallwitz Vermögensmanagement GmbH analyzes customer complaints regarding the execution.

There were no customer complaints in 2018.

Exchange place reporting - Top 5 according to MIFID II

Financial Year 2018

The five trading exchange places with trading volume in descending order (by volume) Percentage of total trading volume (stocks, bonds, ETFs, funds) Percentage of orders initiated by the customer Percentage of orders initiated by E&W
DZ Luxemburg 45,23 0,00 100,00
DAB BNP Paribas 28,79 0,00 100,00
Berenberg Bank 9,62 0,00 100,00
KSK Köln 5,42 0,00 100,00
UBS Schweiz 3,35 0,00 100,00
Other 7,59 0,00 100,00
Total 100