Investment strategy

As an active asset manager, we have an opportunistic investment style, designed for a long-term investment horizon of many years. We exploit opportunities wherever we see them in the given investment universe, and we are not bound to a particular style. We invest in highly liquid assets exclusively.

We tend to be value investors, i.e., at the forefront for us are the sustainable economic strength of a company, its business model, and the assessment of its cash flow. The company has pursued this approach ever since its founding. The basis of our portfolio management consists of our employees’ education and their experience on the capital markets.

Our investment strategy is free of any Benchmark orientation; nor is it subject to any investment quota pressure. The objective is value maintenance and an attractive ratio between risk and return. Our path is forged by the exploitation of market inefficiencies, on the level of both the investment classes as well as the single stock.


Eyb & Wallwitz – Intelligent investing