Opportunistic and benchmark-unconstrained approach

Top-Down process

The implementation of our investment strategies begins with the macroeconomic analysis. Here we filter out important economic data and analyze their impact on the financial markets. For this purpose, we carry out our own analyzes and evaluate analyzes from third-party providers. In the second step, we use largely proprietary fundamental and technical models to determine the attractiveness of different asset classes. In the third step, the actual portfolio construction takes place. We strive for the greatest possible diversification, which we achieve through the use of different investment styles and global risk factors. The risks are distributed among the individual asset classes according to their attractiveness. This rather risk-oriented approach is based on the fact that extreme events occur much more often in reality than they are actually expected according to financial mathematics (normal distribution). Our objective is capital preservation and an attractive ratio between risk and return.


We signed the UN PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) in 2012 and are convinced that companies that strategically manage ESG issues will have clear competitive advantages in global markets in the future and will perform better in the long term. The implementation of the principles within the investment process was defined by supplementing or modifying existing investment guidelines. It was determined how the PRI will be implemented in different asset classes and business areas. This ensured that expertise and resources meet the desired changes and guidelines. For this we concentrate in the most essential and simpler ESG areas.