Robust investment strategies

A family of mutual funds for the sophisticated investor

Phaidros Funds Umbrella

Phaidros Funds is a mutual fund umbrella approved for distribution in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg, established in accordance with the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (FCP, UCITS V) and monitored by the Luxembourg Financial Supervision Commission (CSSF).

The Umbrella was named after the Platonic dialogue "Phaidros": The dialogue investigates among other things the way in which emotions can impair sensible decisions. Plato focuses on the ratio and advises not to let emotions play a major role. We agree with this attitude in fund management.

Four investment strategies 

The Phaidros Funds Umbrella comprises four sub-funds. They reflect our active investment strategies in different forms:


Independent companies such as Morningstar and Lipper, which specialize in the analysis of investment funds, always attest us to excellent results. Some examples:

Shortly before its eleventh birthday, the Phaidros Funds Balanced received the LIPPER FUND AWARDS 2018 as best fund over ten years and the LIPPER FUND AWARDS 2019 over five years in the category "Mixed Asset EUR Balanced - Global".

In January 2018 the magazines €uro, €uro-fondsxpress, €uro am Sonntag and Börse-Online awarded the Phaidros Funds Conservative with the "Fund Award" for best defensive mixed fund in Germany for 2017.

Morningstar Analyst rating: "Managers have executed their unconstrained process skillfully across different market environments."