Robust investment strategies

A family of funds for the sophisticated investor

Phaidros Funds Umbrella

Phaidros Funds is a mutual fund umbrella registered in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Luxembourg; it is established in accordance with the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (FCP, UCITS V), and its supervisory authority is the Luxembourg Financial Supervision Commission (CSSF).

The umbrella was named after the Platonic dialog Phaidros or Phaedrus, as it’s known in English. Composed between 370 and 360 BCE, the dialog treats of reason and of beauty. It explores among other things the way in which emotions can interfere with the rational decision-making process. And Plato places reason front and center and advises against giving emotion free reign. We concur, and our approach to fund management embraces the stance taken by Plato..

Four strategies 

The Phaidros Funds Umbrella comprises four sub-funds. They reflect the various facets of our investment strategies:


We are recognized by independent publications that are specialized in investment fund analysis such as Morningstar and Lipper.

A few examples:

Shortly before its eleventh birthday, Phaidros Funds Balanced received in the category “Mixed Asset EUR Balanced – Global” the 2018 LIPPER FUND AWARD for the best fund over a ten-year period and the 2019 LIPPER FUND AWARD for the best fund over a five-year period.

In January 2018, Eyb & Wallwitz received, from the editorial boards of €uro, €uro-fondsxpress, €uro am Sonntag, and Börse-Online, the “Fund Award” for the best defensive mixed fund (Phaidros Funds Conservative) in Germany over a one-year period (as of 31 December 2017).

A Morningstar analyst rating: “The Phaidros Funds Balanced scores with its experienced managers. Over a three-year and a five-year period, the fund has been less fraught with risk than average competitor products. Still, it has been able to participate successfully in rising markets. Its role in the portfolio: core investment, with an asset-management bent.”