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Mr. Smith und das Paradies – die Erfindung des Wohlstands
(Mr. Smith and paradise – the innovation of affluence)

Greed, fear and horror? Does financial capitalism exist primarily to teach dread to the ignorant masses? In his second book and with his unmistakable tongue-in-cheek style, Georg von Wallwitz seeks to explain what we consider unbearably complicated: How “our” capitalism developed and by whom it was contrived; what is and isn’t good for; how to go about and how to avoid a country’s ruin; how to evade poverty; why you should pay your taxes; equality and distribution; crises and growth; greed and banks; the real and the financial economy; and: does money actually matter that much? The result – a compact guide to the entire economy, and, as typical for the author, with plenty of good humour. 

Georg von Wallwitz

Mr. Smith und das Paradies
Berenberg Verlag 2013 (3rd edition)
ISBN 978-3-937834-63-4

Odysseus und die Wiesel –
Eine fröhliche Einführung in die Finanzmärkte
(Odysseus and the weasels –
a cheerful introduction to the financial markets)

The topic of financial markets might elicit either scepticism or hunting fever – this book addresses both. As a fund manager, Georg von Wallwitz is an insider. As a mathematician and philosopher, he allows himself to cast a relaxed glance at his world, which is a mirror of its time: he explains why financial markets developed into what they are today – dangerous but with a high entertainment value. He coherently describes complicated issues. He compiles financial players’ character sketches for readers to not merely see people reaping enormous bonus payments, but in the end, hopefully, to recognise themselves. He covers absolutely everything: Keynes and classical theory, lustre and misery of the trading floor, boring stocks, thrilling bonds, villainous hedge funds and much more to please the heart and spirit.

Georg von Wallwitz

Odysseus und die Wiesel
Berenberg Verlag 2011 (4. Auflage)
ISBN 978-3-937834-48-1


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