from Georg von Wallwitz

"Meine Herren, dies ist keine Badeanstalt" -
How a mathematician changed the 20th century

Order must be. Beautifully separated by gender when bathing, but only what counts in science counts in science. At least for the mathematician David Hilbert, who wanted to assert the brilliant Emmy Noether in Göttingen as a professor. Not only was he ahead of his time - he worked out the formula for all the formulas with Albert Einstein, gathered the smartest international mathematicians and physicists of his time in the 1920s - and had to let them move to the United States after 1933. For modern science, David Hilbert has the same status as Picasso for art. And our digital world? Unthinkable without the man. Georg von Wallwitz tells of this life and the beauty of mathematics, understandable, with jokes and footnotes for advanced students.

Georg von Wallwitz

Meine Herren, dies ist keine Badeanstalt
Berenberg Verlag 2017 (1. edition)
ISBN 978-3-946334-24-8
Language: German

"Mr. Smith und das Paradies" -
The invention of wealth

Greed, fear and terror? Is financial capitalism primarily there to scare the ignorant? In his second book, Georg von Wallwitz makes the usual tongue-in-cheek attempt to explain what we consider to be unbearably complicated: how "our" capitalism came into being; who came up with it; what it is good for and what it is not good for; how to ruin a country or avoid it; how to escape poverty; why you should pay taxes; Justice and wealth distribution; Crises and growth; Greed and banks; Real and financial economy; and: does money even matter? Voilà - the entire economy in the smallest of spaces and, as always with this author, in as good a mood as possible.

Georg von Wallwitz

Mr. Smith und das Paradies
Berenberg Verlag 2013 (3. edition)
ISBN 978-3-937834-63-4
Language: German

"Odysseus und die Wiesel" -
A happy introduction to the financial markets

Whether you are skeptical about financial markets or hunting fever - this book serves both. As a fund manager, Georg von Wallwitz is an insider. As a mathematician and philosopher, he gives himself a relaxed view of his world, which is a mirror of his time: he explains why the financial markets became what they are - dangerous, but of great entertainment value. He describes complicated things in a human-friendly way. He draws character pictures of the financial actors, in which one not only recognizes the people with the huge bonus payments, but in the end, hopefully, also - himself. Nothing is missing: Keynes and the classic theory, glamor and misery of the financial parquet, boring stocks, exciting bonds , villainous hedge funds and much more that delights the heart and also the mind.

Georg von Wallwitz

Odysseus und die Wiesel
Berenberg Verlag 2011 (4. edition)
ISBN 978-3-937834-48-1
Language: German