from Georg von Wallwitz

"Meine Herren, dies ist keine Badeanstalt" –
How a mathematician changed the 20th century

Everything has its proper place. Even men and women at the swimming pool. But what counts in the sciences is science – at least that’s what the mathematician David Hilbert thought when he sought to secure a professorship for the brilliant Emmy Noether in Göttingen. Not only was he ahead of his time, he also worked out the formula of formulas with Albert Einstein, surrounded himself in the 1920s with the most influential international mathematicians and physicists of his time, and bore witness as they left for the United States after 1933. David Hilbert is to modern mathematics what Picasso is to art. And today’s digital world? It would be unimaginable without him. Georg von Wallwitz presents a portrait of Hilbert’s life, showing the beauty of mathematics, in plain language, with wit – and footnotes for anyone who wants or needs them.

Georg von Wallwitz

Meine Herren, dies ist keine Badeanstalt
Berenberg Verlag 2017 (1. edition)
ISBN 978-3-946334-24-8
Language: German

"Mr. Smith und das Paradies" – The invention of wealth

Greed, fear, and fright? Does financial capitalism exist only to strike fear into the hearts of the uninitiated? In his second book, Georg von Wallwitz undertakes a tongue-in-cheek attempt to explain what seems to be unbearably complicated: how “our” capitalism came to be, who came up with it, what it can and cannot do, how you can ruin a country or not, how to escape poverty, why you should pay your taxes, justice and wealth distribution, crises and growth, greed and banks, the real and financial economy, and: does money even matter? And voilà – a pocket-guide to the entire economy. But as always with von Wallwitz, with as much cheer as possible.

Georg von Wallwitz

Mr. Smith und das Paradies
Berenberg Verlag 2013 (3. edition)
ISBN 978-3-937834-63-4
Language: German

“Odysseus und die Wiesel” – a lighthearted introduction to financial markets

Whether you are skeptical about financial markets or enjoy the thrill of the chase – this book is for you. As a fund manager, Georg von Wallwitz is an insider. As a mathematician and philosopher, he takes an equanimous view of the world, which is a mirror of the times: he explains why financial markets became what they are – dangerous, yet highly entertaining. He makes the complicated simple. He wields his character studies of all the financial players as a mirror – to give us a view not only of who gets the big bucks and bonuses, but also – in the end and with some hope – of ourselves. It’s all here: Keynes and classic theory, the glamor and misery of the financial parquet, boring stocks, exciting bonds, villainous hedge funds, and much more to delight the heart and mind.

Georg von Wallwitz

Odysseus und die Wiesel
Berenberg Verlag 2011 (4. edition)
ISBN 978-3-937834-48-1
Language: German